White Gold is a hybrid strain. This potent flower has effects that are ideal for a leisurely day outside when you need a source of continual energy and boasts an extraordinarily high average THC level. The high begins with an uplifted, euphoric head rush that makes you feel clearheaded and focused without making you anxious or paranoid. You’ll experience a light sense of stimulation and motivation that motivates you to stand up and move around. Next, the indica effects begin to take hold, leaving you with a calm, peaceful feeling that permeates your entire being. These effects do not sedate and do not impair functionality in any way. White Gold is a patient choice for treating chronic fatigue, mild to moderate depression, chronic pain, and chronic stress or anxiety because of its potent daytime benefits. This flower has long, furry, grape-shaped nugs that are dark olive green with dark purple leaves, dark amber hairs, and a thick, visibly delicious resin coating. White Gold has a strong aroma of fruity haze and a flavour of earthy diesel with an unexpectedly sweet kick upon exhalation.

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