Pink Goo is a hybrid strain. this marijuana strain packs a powerful punch of benefits that will have you relaxing and stress-free in no time. The high begins with a light elevated feeling that gives you a little bit of mental energy and joy. Your body will start to settle into complete relaxation as your mind rises into this concentrated and energetic state. Without being overly sedated or couch locked, you’ll feel physically at rest and completely at ease. Pinkman Goo is frequently used to treat people who suffer from diseases including chronic fatigue, depression, chronic pain, insomnia, and chronic stress. On the exhale, this flower has a traditional sweet fruity berry flavour with a hint of peppery grapes and herbs. With a berry coffee overtone and occasionally a faint earthy note, the perfume is strongly herbal and spicy. Pinkman Goo buds are covered in tiny, frosty white crystal trichomes and have extremely sticky grape-shaped forest green nugs with brownish-orange hairs.

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