Cherry Bomb is a sativa hybrid strain. $120/3oz



Cherry Bomb is a hybrid strain. The majority of the inner surface of the buds is covered in trichomes. When it comes to effects and potency, this strain excels. Patients can finally stop smoking throughout the day since it’s the perfect level of potency for them. It gets off to a quite cerebral start. then sharpens focus to cause your body to slow down. And no hangover symptoms of any kind. Patients use this strain to treat ailments like crippling or persistent pain, mental disorders, lack of energy, glaucoma, lethargy, or just to feel better quickly. The only two things that prevent this strain from being ideal are dry eyes and dry lips. It is ideal for individuals who simply need a little medication or who want a good start to the day. Its pale green appearance is unattractive, yet enthusiasts of strains with fruity flavors highly praise it.

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