Animal Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain. $150/3oz



Animal Cookies is an indica dominant hybrid strain. With an extremely consistent grow and a powerful high, this celebrity offspring is a favourite of both patients and breeders. The high from Animal Cookies hits you quickly and powerfully, lifting you up and filling your thoughts with a joyous, scattered euphoria. Animal Cookies is ideal for treating people with diseases including chronic pain, insomnia, chronic stress, depression, appetite loss, and nausea. This flower has a traditional cookie flavour that is sweet and nutty, with a mildly spicy, pungent exhale. When the nugs are broken up and burned, the perfume of earthy pungency and sweet herbs with a sour undertone becomes more pronounced. Animal Cookies flowers are dense, long, mint-green buds with dark leaves, amber hairs, and trichomes that are brightly coloured with purple.

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